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One of the most prestigious business platforms in Africa.


A 2nd edition centered on:

"The Challenges of Africa by 2025:

Technological and Digital Innovations, Industrialization 4.0 and New Modes of Financing start-ups"


"Africa's challenges that call for many new business opportunities"

"Africa remains more than ever The market of the future All flashing lights are green and several of its countries have put in place a plan of emergence, the completion of which inevitably passes by major innovations in several areas: technological, scientific, industrial, infrastructural, structural, financial ...
This new strategic orientation of the continent opens up many new fields of business opportunities for both African and non-African companies interested by Africa. It encourages and underpins investments, creating more values ​​and sustainable jobs in key sectors.
Africa is full of opportunities in all sectors of economic activity. Some sectors more than others depending on the countries, markets and / or specific orientations of the Governments. But it is still necessary to know how to detect them, to apprehend them for an efficient and inclusive exploitation.

And it is precisely the mission that has been assigned to the ECONOMIC FORUM GENERESCENCE (FEG Dakar) ".
Cheikh-Mbacké SENE, Founder of the Forum.

A propos :
Le FORUM ECONOMIQUE GENERESCENCE "FEG Dakar" est un rendez-vous annuel international économique et d’affaires qui se tient chaque année en Novembre dans la capitale sénégalaise, Dakar. Rendez-vous d'affaires par excellence, le FEG Dakar vise à renforcer la coopération intra-africains, mais aussi celle entre l'Afrique et le reste du Monde. C'est l'une des plus importantes plateformes business du continent. La première édition a regroupé plus des 500 acteurs venus de 9 pays.